Video Interpolation via Generalized Deformable Convolution

Published in, 2020

Authors: Zhihao Shi, Xiaohong Liu, Kangdi Shi, Linhui Dai, Jun Chen



Video interpolation aims at increasing the frame rate of a given video by synthesizing intermediate frames. The existing video interpolation methods can be roughly divided into two categories: flow-based methods and kernel-based methods. The performance of flow-based methods is often jeopardized by the inaccuracy of flow map estimation due to oversimplified motion models while that of kernel-based methods tends to be constrained by the rigidity of kernel shape. To address these performance-limiting issues, a novel mechanism named generalized deformable convolution is proposed, which can effectively learn motion information in a data-driven manner and freely select sampling points in space-time. We further develop a new video interpolation method based on this mechanism. Our extensive experiments demonstrate that the new method performs favorably against the state-of-the-art, especially when dealing with complex motions.